Meet the Staff

Our Story

Eight years ago, Jeff and Lena Eaton opened a martini bar in our little town.  In those eight years, JeLeniz  Martini Bar flourished and established its own little niche in Mattoon's  downtown nightlife.  When the property went up for sale, my husband, Thomas, and I decided to continue the tradition of an upscale martini bar, emphasizing not only some signature mixed drinks and cocktails, but also expand the already impressive selection of craft beers, and bring in some more local wines.  With the help of my parents, Mike and Mary Martin, my brother, Mikey, and all of the awesome staff that have been such a help to us starting on this new adventure, we seek to continue to carry on the tradition that has already become so integrated into our little bit of local culture.  I'm very passionate about sharing the talents of people who excel at what they do, and I hope to always be developing and expanding on the experiences we gain with people as we continue to grow in this business.-Megan Rankin

Our Mission

My utmost priority is for anyone that comes into the bar to feel comfortable and enjoy their time with us. Our experienced staff is equipped to provide you with information about all of our newest selections and mix up some of the best cocktails in town.  We'd love to have you stop in and raise a glass with us to toast a good time.